For hope and healing after abortion

My Holy Sister:

Yes, you are holyÖno matter what your feelings tell you! You are my sister because just like you, I felt ashamed, guilty, lonely, empty, unlovable, unforgivable, and I hated myself. I too had an abortion and I was trying to continue living my life but it wasnít working. I cried and asked my God to forgive me everyday. I was in deep pain. I felt dirty and undeserving of love from people or God. I knew that I needed to come out of the darkness within me if I was going to survive. God led me to Project Rachel. I was quite afraid to get involved and I really didnít think it would help me. I was very wrong.

I learned that Godís love and forgiveness is awesome and vast and this allowed me to begin to forgive myself. That was the hardest part for me. I had started to realize that I was already forgiven and I was hurting myself because I wouldnít forgive myself. When I began to believe the truth that God hates sin but loves me, the sinner, my life changed and I was able to accept the gifts that God had given me long ago. I was released from the bondage of shame and guilt. The distorted thoughts that I had about myself were corrected and best of all I began to be free!

I can almost hear you say ďthatís great for her but it wonít be for me.Ē Not true! God absolutely loves you too! Finally accepting Gods grace and forgiveness has filled me with gratitude, peace, and joy. God saved my life physically and emotionally. In my weakest time, God strengthened me with his words from 2 Timothy; For God hath not given me a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of a sound mind. I didnít deserve it but God loved and healed me. That is Godís grace an undeserved gift purely because God loves us and wants us whole.

You are special to God just like I am. He wants to heal all of us because we are a treasure to him. We canít do his work here on earth if we are broken and paralyzed. Please do your work by letting God into your heart and mind and he will do his work he promised. You will be that whole, joyful woman that God intended you to be. My wish for you is freedom. God has done all of this for me so I know that he will bless you too. I will continue to pray for all of us.

With love, your sister